Let's take climate action together.

My varied skill set makes me well suited to startups, agencies, and incubators looking for a scrappy designer who can help build brands and products from the ground up.  I thrive on small, playful, creative teams that value open collaboration and lead with integrity.  If you’d like to work together, get in touch.

🌿  I am focused on projects that support:

  • Rethinking how we make things to reduce embodied carbon at the source
  • Circular economy transitions
  • Waste reduction efforts at scale
  • Healthy materials innovations
  • Community resilience and climate adaptations
  • Sustainable design education

🖥  As a designer I can offer:

  • Product design: UI, light UX, visual design
  • Marketing design: branding, art direction, content creation
  • Sustainability minded design thinking
  • Aggregation of complex information into easy to digest toolkits, decks, and educational content

🛠  As a maker I can offer:

  • Fabrication background with a focus on soft goods and apparel
  • Application of circular design thinking
  • Custom design pieces in partnership with sustainability focused innovators
  • I don’t generally do commissions for individuals, but love to offer DIY advice

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